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Do you live in the Seattle area?  Are you thinking of getting a divorce?  Do you get scared or discouraged when you start looking at all of the court forms involved with getting a divorce in King County?  Are you afraid of going to an attorney because of the cost?

Getting a divorce in King County is not easy.  You have to know where to get divorce forms, how to fill them out, where to file them with the court, what needs to be served on the other party, etc., etc., etc.  A person could get very discouraged and decide it is just not worth it.

That is why I created my Divorce Classes.  They are designed to walk you through the process, with just enough direction and support to make sure you are able to reach the end goal of actually getting a divorce, but without the huge cost of hiring an attorney to help you do it. 

So, don’t let the process discourage you.  And please don’t move forward with your own divorce without at least some advice from an attorney.  The end product of a divorce is a binding legal dcoument that is very difficult to undo once a judge or commissioner has signed it. 

So sign up for a class and learn what you need to do to move forward with your divorce today.  Or, contact me for a free thirty minute consultation and I can help you through the maze that is the King County divorce process.

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